Acceptance Letter

After months of being on the waiting list at Cooks Child Study Center, we finally got our acceptance letter!! The application process was tedious, rounding up every bit of information, testing, assessments, IEP, etc…but the waiting part was harder. Not knowing if we or when we would get accepted. But I gave it to God and Jackson was accepted. We are hoping that the CSC can help us truly figure whats going on with Jackson from a medical perspective. The CSC has some of the best resources in the state and I’m anxious to here their perspective, diagnosis, and treatment plan. I shared this news on my FB page but haven’t had a chance to share on the blog. Jackson underwent his surgery yesterday. His doctor didn’t see a need to place tubes, but she did perform the adenoidectomy and the turbinates. He’s healing just fine and expected to go back to school next Tuesday. Thank for all the love!!