ENT Update

As you may remember, well those who are on my Facebook page, I posted back in September that we found out that Jackson has mild hearing loss. I (and doctors) attribute it to his chronic ear infections. I just wanted to give a quick backstory and update on that situation.

Jackson has always had ear infections. Under doctors orders, we had tubes put in when he was about 1.5 years old. They were great but they didn’t stay in very long. I wasn’t ready to put in another set of tubes so I looked for alternative ways to help prevent the infections. Per many friends and family suggestions, we visited a pediatric chiropractor. After only a few visits, I noticed significant improvement. We then would visit the chiropractor every now and again, for maintenance. However, over the past year and a half the ear infections have started to return.

The past two summers, Jackson has attended speech therapy at Texas Woman’s University. This summer, the speech pathologist urged us to get a referral from our pediatrician to an ENT. The speech path. was concerned about his nasal breathing. We’ve always noticed it, chalked it up to allergies and treated it with children’s Xyzal. Once we met with our new ENT, she put him on a regimen of Flonase. The Flonase is supposed to help with drying up the fluid that gets infected and causes ear infections. After 6 weeks, we followed up and the Flonase was doing it’s job at drying up the fluid, although there was still fluid there. She ordered the hearing test and that’s when we discovered the hearing loss. She suggested we do another set of tubes. I wasn’t really for this at first… I thought to myself, we came hear because of his speech and nasal breathing and she wants to do tubes? I know it’s all interconnected but I just wasn’t convinced. The doctor gave us 6 more weeks, to think and to see if the Flonase could make anymore improvement.

At our second follow up, she ordered an x-ray and we discovered that his adenoids were extremely enlarged. So we are moving forward with removing the adenoids. During the procedure, she will determine and place another set of tubes as well as turbinate reduction. A turbinate reduction is basically thinning airway passages in the nose, helping him breath better. Overall, I’m ready for these procedures. I’m praying this will be the cure to his nasal breathing (or lack of), allergies, congestion, ear infections and put him on the road to recovery from hearing loss and improving his speech!! He is scheduled for January 15. All positive thoughts and prayers welcomed!


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  1. April Noel

    I love that you are doing this blog Heather! I had no idea. Prayers for Jackson’s recovery ❤️

    1. hlsides

      Thanks April! I’ve actually had it for years, but have recently deleted all my old blogs and starting fresh. I like to post here because I can explain in better detail whats going on with Jackson! It’s a great way for my family back home to know without me telling our story over and over! 😀

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