Fall Update

I hate dumping 10 months of information in one post. But that’s how I roll. I tend to get super vulnerable and then recluse into my hole and then get so far behind it would be ridiculous to try and catch you up. So I will spare that and tell you where we are right now!

Jackson has been without medication for over a year! It’s been a long road of highs and lows. I never wanted to medicate Jackson with stimulants to begin with but society is so quick to label you and toss you aside. Jackson has seen his geneticist and neurologist within the past month. Both appointments went well and both doctors admitted that Jackson is their only case like his they’ve ever had. One doctor suggested admitting Jackson to Cooks and slowly starting a SSRI. I bet you can guess what we said to that. Another suggested a different medication and I would be lying if I said we aren’t considering it. Yes, I know that contradicts many things I’ve said (and still believe in) …. However, this medication is not a stimulant. It would help with sleep, attention, depression/anxiety, and aggression. At the end of the day, medication or not, Jackson still has daily living struggles. Sometimes coping mechanisms can only go so far. I told the doctor that I would research it. Also, we are not due for another MRI yet! I’m so thankful for that!!

Over the summer we talked about different schooling options for Jackson. We made pros and cons for public, private, university model, and special needs schools. We included Jackson in the process, asking him what he needed and what he wanted. It all boiled back down to us. He needs us. He may not forever want to be home, but for now that is what we are doing. No one knows or understands Jackson like we do. We restructured our entire way of everything we did last year, from chores to lessons. Learning to take the pressure off and focus on where he is “right now” has been so beneficial. Jackson gets his play time from about 4 pm to dark almost every evening with the neighborhood boys. They are all so fun and creative in their play. We have wonderful neighbors!!

Jackson receives speech therapy and occupational therapy weekly. We still see Dr. J every 3 weeks. We hired an educational therapist who we both see weekly. She’s been super helpful. It’s a relief to have someone there to help with lessons and lesson planning. Jackson is playing fall baseball, he loves it! He’s on the Red Sox team, we were hoping for the Royals, but maybe next year! 🙂 He’s also ready to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels! He gears up from head to toe with safety equipment. Zilla is now 10 months old. They are so good for each other and she fits right in our family. Right now we are looking forward to the NASCAR playoff race this weekend at TMS. And of course, Halloween!! Jackson chose something spooky to be this year. I am not allowed to reveal yet! He’s decorated the inside and outside, he paints and crafts new stuff almost daily. I’ve even caught him in the garage with the fog machine… he pretends the smoke is from his burnout. I had to hide the machine lol.