I’m Back!

After taking some much needed time off and some deep, reevaluation and reflecting, I decided that I was going to start sharing our journey again. One of the reasons I went rogue was because I was feeling a little uncertain of sharing such personal stories of Jackson. Not because I didn’t want to share, but more concerned of how Jackson would perceive this as he gets older. I’m trying to be sensitive to his feelings but at the same time, writing and sharing is therapeutic for me. Being so far from most of my family, its a way of communicating whats happening in our lives. I also plan to write as a tool for individuals to learn how to deal with a special needs child. Not everyone understands or has the patience to deal with special needs, and that’s okay. Everyone is on their own path. This is mine. I hope you take something away, please feel free to share! And most importantly, if you have a question, please just ask instead of assuming.

Much love!

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