Holiday Anxiety

Holidays can be so stressful. I hate that they are. A time when it’s supposed to be all about giving back, spending quality time with family and friends, and celebrating what it’s all about instead, turns into rushing from store to store, long lines, traffic, wrapping gifts, go, go, go!! I was so busy that I never made the time to blog and I felt really guilty about it. I had a wonderful break and have been fortunate enough to see most of my family. Taking the Christmas tree down was bittersweet. I was sad to take it down because I love it but happy because it meant a “normal” schedule was just around the corner.

Over break I finally noticed Jackson’s anxiety on the peak of his medication. It was pretty eye opening and heart breaking. I really felt like a crappy mom. Jackson is at school during the peak of his medication and I have gotten a few comments from teachers/aide’s about it. We medicate during the weekend, and that’s our personal choice, Jackson included. But at home, it’s usually just me, my husband and Jackson. We don’t do much – it’s so much easier running errands without a child – so weekends are for relaxing and spending time together. So he’s not anxious, he’s relaxed and comfortable in his environment. But again, with all the running around we had to do, I was able to see the anxiety from a different perspective. He would get teary-eyed and scared that places were going to close, that we would get locked into the stores in the dark, everyone was leaving wherever we were, just overall fearful of that. Of course, I would try and reassure him but multiple times we would leave and go home. Needless to say, an appointment was made with his pediatrician to see about changing medications. I know that anxiety is right up at the top of the side effects, but I had never seen it. I’m glad that I did but trying to not beat myself up over it.

So with all that being said, I hope everyone had a great holiday break! I have a lot of resolutions set and blogging more is one of them. I plan on sharing my goals with you all! I will keep you updated on Jackson’s med situation but in the meantime, prayers and positive thoughts appreciated!!

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