kinsa QuickCare Thermometer

“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

That’s pretty much how I felt about our thermometer. When we brought our precious 7 lb 6 oz baby boy from the hospital, he came with a thermometer. And we’ve used that digital stick ever since. However, with the constant use of it this year due to the flu, the battery died. I know you can easily replace batteries, but the tiny watch size batteries tend to be more of a hassle for me. So on my third, that’s right, THIRD trip to CVS yesterday, (Donny has type A flu, AGAIN this year) I stopped in the thermometer section. Tons of selection varying in prices and uses. I quickly opted for another digital thermometer in mid price range and checked out.

I never thought I would be so impressed by a thermometer!! It honestly makes me wonder what else I’ve been missing out on in life… It’s called the kinsa QuickCare and it’s $20. I downloaded the free app and connected the thermometer to my phone via Bluetooth. Once you open the app, you add family members. Each family member has their name and birthday and you can also add an avatar and gender. It basically creates a little profile for each person. I pushed the on button and stuck it under Jackson’s arm. The app has a timer progress bar, which it works within 8 seconds! It also had a game of pop the bubbles while it read his temperature. Then it automatically records it in the app! And what’s even cooler is you can add different symptoms such as cough, earache, nausea, rash, runny nose, etc. And then, you can get real specific, like what does the cough sound like? Dry? Phlegm? Then it gives you tips and tricks on how to treat it naturally or medically with OTC products and when to call the doctor! There is also a feature to add symptoms, medications, and diagnosis’s to the individuals profile in an ordered timeline! You can add reminders, photos (keep progression of rash), notes, etc. They also have a coupon section and resource section. I’m literally amazed by this $20 product! It’s also currently on Amazon Prime for under $20!! Here’s the link

Anyways, I just HAD to share this thermometer! Is there any cool gadgets that you recommend? Let me know!

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