Morning Medication

It’s 7:25 am, and I’m already driving home from dropping Jackson off at school for the day. I’m feeling great, we got out of the door on time, WITH time to spare. That’s a total win for us. I’m pulling in my garage and realized I had a missed call from the school… That’s odd. Maybe they want me to sub today. I sub sometimes, just to be up there, to get to know the staff and the students. Deep down I pray that maybe if the kids like me as their sub, they will be nice to my kid. So I call back, ready to tell them I can be back by 8. No subbing today, they wanted to know if Jackson had his medication. The first bell hasn’t even rang and he’s out of control. Great, just great. I told the secretary he has and gave the spiel about how it takes 45 mins to kick in and it should kick in any minute and we somehow got out the door earlier than usual. Blah, blah, she doesn’t care, she just wants my kid to be controllable. I totally get it and I want him to behave and be controllable too. I text his teacher and warned her. She already knows the 45 minute trick. I tell to call me and I’ll come up to chat with him if needed.

That brings me to my point. I get asked by so many people if we medicate. Most people have positive responses, others have their own opinions, educated or not. Medication works for us. It works for Jackson. If we miss a dose, which trust me, we know not to, he tells me his brain is crazy and he can’t control it. If he can’t control his brain, he has a hard time controlling his mouth and an even harder time controlling his body. I’m not going to let him be uncontrollable for his own safety, for his distracting behavior for the other students, or to be a pain in the rear for the school staff to “deal” with until I pick him up at 3. So yes, I medicate him. And it works great for Jackson. Now, I’m going to go make a cup of coffee and pray he has a better day.

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  1. Hearther, thank you for sharing and caring. Your post was the first post I see after just watching two video clips from First one talked about “ Every Child Needs a Champion”, the second “What makes a Good Teacher Great”. You are Jackson’s Champion and his first Great Teacher. Keep it up – even when it gets really hard, it is soooo worth it. Sending you 🤗 hugs and ❤️Love, you are doing a great job!

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