MRI Results

As we were walking into the door after spending all morning at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Jackson’s developmental pediatrician’s number popped up on my phone. She said “I have the results from Jackson’s MRI.” Wow, that was fast, they told me it would be 2-5 days. I’m going to try my best to explain what she told me.

They found a darkened spot in/on the central part of Jackson’s brain. The part of the brain that controls coordination and also some of the delays that we’ve experienced with him. She believes it is a build up of iron. It could be due to a metabolic disorder or something entirely else. Only further investigation will tell us. As far as what we can do now, there’s nothing. She said there is no reversing what has been done. We just have to focus on the cause and go from there.

Going into any appointment, I always say a little prayer and give it to God. If there is something, OK I’m glad we caught it. If not, I’m glad we scratched that off the list. Finding out that there is something, while very upsetting, ultimately is accelerating our prognosis. To me, that’s a wonderful thing. Our neurologist appointment bumped us up from end of April, to next week. I’m still waiting to hear from genetics, which is currently scheduled for the end of May.

I’d also like to add that Jackson did awesome. He picked a cupcake scented mask and only complained 1,000 times of being hungry. They let me go back and hold his hand while they put him to sleep. He woke up and asked if we could go to Starbucks and McDonald’s… He didn’t have breakfast so he needed a cookie and then straight to McD’s for lunch. Of course we went, how could I say no?! He doesn’t know the results and I don’t plan on telling him at this point. He can tell you something is wrong with his brain, but I spare stuff like this. We see a GI doctor on Friday and his neuropsych testing is scheduled for beginning of April. Thank you so much for all the kind words, prayers, checking in… You have no idea how much it means. I know who is in control, and I have faith in Him.

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  1. Sandy Heldenbrand

    Those pictures are so cute. He is happy no matter what! I am so glad you are getting answers. Love you all❣

  2. Tonya

    First…these pictures are absolutely priceless! Such a sweet little soul. Always keeping sweet Jackson in my prayers and your family as well. I know this is heavy on your heart and understand as a mom, you just wants everything for your child to be ok. It is a scary thing when you can’t just “fix it”. Keep your faith. Keep giving it to God as HE is always in control. Stay strong. ♥️ love you.

  3. Katie Winter

    Such a handsome little guy! It makes my heart happy that you are on the road to getting answers and ruling things out. What a blessing to be with the CSS and Cook Childrens! You’re an awesome mom, sending hugs.

  4. Holly Swartwout

    jackson has so much love surrounding him – no wonder he is such an amazing kid. <3

  5. Judith Tremblay

    Sending up prayers for this sweet boy…

  6. DJ Grubby

    Hello, YOU are doing amazing, continue to be awesome. Hold on to the strength you have today. Enjoy ever moment of ever day. Thanks so much for sharing, it’s important on so many levels, for you and those of us who love ❤️ and pray 🙏🏻for you and Jackson. God is Good.

  7. Karen L. Cook

    I will be praying for your whole family and special prayers for Jackson. God bless you all and keep you safe.

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