Update 7/25/2022

Homeschool year 3 is about to start! Jackson sees his Educational Therapist once a week for two hours. She focuses on English and Math. She sends us home with different things to work on or put more focus on that week. I love her approach, it’s very visual and she makes it fun. She has introduced sign language. She gives us games to play, activities to try, and I’ve seen huge improvement. Jackson saw her virtually the first half of last school year. Now we see her in person. It takes an hour to get to her, but she’s worth the drive. We have continued to see her throughout the summer, minus a few vacation breaks.

Occupational therapy is now biweekly. His OT is incredible! She’s young, fun, and very kind hearted. They have worked on proprioception – where your body is related to the objects around you. Currently they are working on interoception skills. From my understanding it’s learning to find where your inner sensations are to correctly match them to things such as hunger, pain, tiredness, etc. They are also working on typing skills.

Jackson graduation speech therapy! After 7 years, the last two at a private practice, he is finally done! I am extremely proud of him and he is so glad to be finished with something lol.

Since he graduated speech therapy, we’ve now picked up group therapy. He loves it! He is excited to go. It’s on a farm and he’s with children his own age. There is a pond for fishing, farm animals to work/play with, and Jackson’s favorite – the golf cart. He loves riding around on it!

Medically, we’ve scaled back almost 100% on appointments and specialists at Cooks. Once we got our diagnosis and paved our own path for the help we specifically need, we haven’t needed to go back. Thankfully! He does continue to get adjusted at the chiropractor. Another thing I introduced Jackson to this year was Reiki. He’s had one session and LOVED it. I’ll continue that for him as needed. (Reiki is energy healing for those of you who don’t know! It’s incredible and I highly recommend it to everyone!)

Often I get “I don’t know how you do it!” My standard reply is “I don’t know either!!” While I may think I know what’s best and know what I’m doing, I’m just out here winging it. If it doesn’t work, cut it and move forward. That’s honestly how it’s been. I don’t have the time or the energy to put towards anything that is not improving my or my family’s life. Donny is now back to his late schedule, boo! We make the most of days when he is home. Thursdays are our field trip days. We’ve done everything from hiking to museums, to race tracks!

That’s the latest! 🙂